"Bringing excellence to your child" In order to achieve excellence, children need a challenging, loving, and stimulating learning environment. We can help.

"Both of my children have gone through preschool at ABC Montessori. They set high standards for the children to meet in a loving and caring environment. The structure of their program goes beyond preparing the children for Kindergarten. ABC Montessori also does a wonderful job of helping the children prepare for Kindergarten by setting clear rules and helping prepare them for the kind of behavior and discipline that is expected out of them in Kindergarten. My oldest son who is now in Kindergarten transitioned extremely well. He began with an excellent academic start, all because of ABC Montessori. They teach the children to read, write, addition and subtraction. They have a very well balanced curriculum that takes each individual child's personality into consideration."
-- U.Watson

"My child attended ABC Learning Montessori for all her pre-schooling. Diana and her staff provided a very loving, safe and nurturing environment for my child. She was eager to go to school every day and returned happy. Diana takes great interest in the academic and all-round development of each child. She encouraged my child to read and write at a very young age, and my daughter was reading by the age of 3 1/2. ABC Learning Montessori also provided many enriching activities for my child that included music and creative learning through hands-on experiences. This is a great environment for little people!"
-- Nitya Ramanan, San Jose

"I highly recommend ABC Learning Montessori school. Both of my children attended from 2-5 years old. My oldest is now in first grade and was completely set up for success in Kindergarten and continues to excel. My youngest is very ready for Kindergarten in the fall and would do fine/well even if placed in a K/1 combination class based on her educational foundation. The teachers are absolutely the kindest with the students, great with parents, and are very committed to the kids. Thank you ABC Learning Montessori for 7 wonderful years!!!"
-- The Zilliox Family

"I would like to take this time to thank you and the staff at ABC Learning Montessori for all of the personalized time care and time that you have taken these past months with our son Asher. When we enrolled him it was for fear that he lacked the knowledge of structure necessary for him to get along well enough in public school. Our attempts at socializing him to a school environment had been met with very poor responses. Within a few short weeks of his enrolling at ABC Learning Montessori Asher's behavior and attitude toward learning was noticeably improved. He regularly began to relate his experiences with classes, new friends, and his teachers to us on a daily basis. His speech and letter number recognition dramatically improved, along side the curiosity about nature and science every parent hopes to see their child develop at this age. is understanding of socially acceptable behaviors, and adherence to a regular schedule are now what you would expect of a child his age, and improving every day. He asks time and again when he gets to go to 'the big school' but I'm sure he will miss all of his friends and teachers at ABC."
-- Duncan Lange & Taissa Christino

"I have noticed my son had a speech delay and lack of social skill with people when he is around 2.5 years old. I decided to send him to a daycare where he can be interact with other kids. I have found ABC Montessori and put my son there starting with part time and then full time. Mrs, Diana is great, she had comforting me that they will help my son to carry out the language skills. And not to mention Mrs. Ana, she is my son most favorable and trusted teacher. Over the year at ABC Montessori I had seen my son show a lot of improvement in language and social skills. He is now in Kindergarten and doing great in school."
-- Nguyen

"My both sons attended to ABC learning Montessori since they were 2.5 and 2 years old. They were potty trained here and they learn to write their names by the age 3. ABC Montessori graduates are ahead of the class level in every way and they are scientifically curious individuals encouraged to explore and experiment. We are very happy with their academic achievements."
-- Aylin andRobert Martin

ABC Learning Montessori Preschool is an excellent preschool. This school has the perfect combination of academics and play, which is just what every preschooler needs. My son has learned so much. He comes home talking about what he has learned, from the solar system to community helpers. Hes always very excited about share day, Tuff Tumblers, and playing with his friends. The teachers tailor each childs learning to ensure that all students are growing academically. They often work one-on-one with every child. Something that I truly appreciate is how gentle and caring all the teachers are with the kids. The children are treated with much respect and kindness, which has taught my son how to treat others. Every teacher has taken the time to get to know my son and he is always greeted when he is dropped off in the morning. Over the past two years Ive had the peace of mind that Im leaving my child in good hands and that he is well taken care of. I highly recommend ABC Learning Montessori Preschool.
-- Trish McClelland

I have three boys that have all gone to preschool at ABC Montessori. I sent my first son to three other preschools and toured many more before I found ABC Montessori. I was looking for a preschool that was structured, loving, and clean, along with age appropriate academics as well. ABC Montessori is all of these and I couldnt be happier. Ms. Diana and her staff care so much for each child. It is clear that the teachers understand how to make learning fun in a structured environment. They are always happy and positive and I feel my boys are being nurtured and given the perfect amount of responsibility for their age. I never had any problem with taking my boys to school, there were always more than willing to go. At ABC Montessori they enjoyed Tuff Tumblers on Fridays, making new friends, all of the teachers and learning how to read. The location is great, parking is easy and security is tight. I would and have recommend ABC Montessori to any parent looking for an exceptional preschool.
-- Annemarie Fink

After trying out another preschool, I was so glad I found ABC Learning Montessori. Let me first start by telling you about my son. He first attended at another preschool where he was traumatized for life. The first two days, the teachers have left him standing by himself in a corner, crying for hours. He was not being comforted at all. He was not used to the food served at school so he did not eat or drink anything for the whole day. When I picked him up after his very first day at school (he was there for about 7 hours), I noticed that he was visibly shaking from his hunger. The teachers told me not to worry, as he will get used to them and will do better. On the second day, I stood outside of the classroom for 2 hours and heard my son crying non-stop. No one even made an attempt to comfort him. I had to leave for my job meeting so I came back 2 hours later. At this time it would be a total of 4 hours in school, my son was still crying in the same corner I dropped him off. Again, he was shaking with hunger. This time I brought his milk and a snack when I picked him up. He was chomping on the snack and swallowed his milk so fast it broke my heart. I withdrew him immediately even though I had to pay for the 2 week notice. No amount of money is worth my son suffering.

The search for another preschool began. I contacted Miss Diana at ABC Learning Montessori after reading an excellent review on Yelp. At the time, I was also considering 2 other preschools. This time I was very cautious about where to send my son. After talking to Miss Diana, I have to be honest that I was not 100% sure it was the right school for my son. However, her educational credentials impressed me. I also called 2 parents who have their kids actively enrolled in ABC Learning Montessori at the time for their testimonies. With much consideration, I gave it a try.

It usually takes about 2 weeks to 2 months for most kids to stop crying when being dropped off at school. My son cried every time he was dropped off for at least 6 months. It could be from the traumatic experience he had at the other preschool or maybe he just did not want to be separated from us at all. Whatever the reason was, his teachers were extremely patient with him. They took time to comfort him every morning. I always have this guilt for leaving my son at school because of the previous experience so you can imagine how hard it was for me to drop him off at school. The teachers took great care of him in term of toilet training, meal times, and hygiene. They went above and beyond from teaching him the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, to reading, writing, doing math, and singing songs. Miss Diana also invited personnel from different professions such as doctors, dentists, nurses, fire fighters, police officers etc to talk to the children. He got to sit in a police car and explored a fire truck. During the time he was there, all of my concerns were addressed in a timely manner by Miss Diana. I found comfort and complete confidence that my son was in good hands when I was at work. It was the reason why when I moved to Morgan Hill a year ago, I still drove him back to San Jose to attend ABC Learning Montessori. After almost 3 years, my son grew so much from being so shy and afraid to being a talkative and confident boy.

No words can describe the comforting feeling I had when I learned that I can trust the teachers at ABC Learning Montessori to care for my son. We all want the best for our children and I was blessed to have found it!
-- Y. Ton