"Bringing excellence to your child" In order to achieve excellence, children need a challenging, loving, and stimulating learning environment. We can help.

Diana Manix, Program Director (Member of NAEYC)

I have been in preschool teaching since 1990 and have been the director of ABC Learning Montessori since 2000. I was drawn to preschool teaching because I wanted to work with children in a nurturing environment. I graduated from San Jose State University and have a bachelors degree in child development. I am a qualified AMI Montessori teacher. Working with children and families is my passion. At ABC Learning Montessori, I have developed a well-rounded program to nurture each child individually. I absolutely love and enjoy working with children, families, and staff members.

Montessori values are influenced by family values. I am confident that, together, we will foster a community of interesting, well-educated and peaceful children who are joyful learners for life. It is vital to realize and appreciate the continuing gift that a Montessori preschool education gives your child. If you ever ask yourself why you should choose ABC Learning Montessori preschool, just look at your child for the answers. They are our gifts to be nurtured. We thank you for entrusting your child in our care and expertise. Our students are our validation and proof of excellence in education at ABC Learning Montessori. I am so proud of myself and my staff for being able to make a change in the life of a child and for being able to lay down the basic foundation of education as a head start for future milestones.

ABC Learning Montessori Staff

  • Are qualified preschool teachers and meet all state childcare requirements.
  • Receive in-depth training that gives them further insight on childcare and child-development issues and Montessori material.
  • Complete yearly training days to continually enhance their skills and knowledge on topics like handling challenging behaviors or improving curriculums for language, math, practical life, sensory and science.

We believe that secure relationships with responsive and respectful adults can provide the basis for a lifelong love of learning. Our dedicated and highly-trained teachers focus on creating these nurturing relationships that allow children to feel valued and empowered. At ABC Learning Montessori, our approach to childcare is based on our strongly held belief that all children are equally intelligent. We nurture and develop that intelligence by hands-on, active learning and through opportunities for self-expression and peer relationships. Children at ABC Learning Montessori are:

  1. Capable of speaking, writing, reading, rhyming, singing, and creating music.
  2. Capable of thinking, and identifying patterns and numbers.
  3. Capable of visualizing, building, drawing, and designing.
  4. In tune with the natural world and living things.
  5. Capable of working in groups and being sensitive to another peers leadership.
  6. Capable of expressing themselves through body movement and physical activity.