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5 Year old Curriculum

We believe that each child is a unique individual. We are sensitive to their social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs. We provide a developmentally appropriate program balanced with academic activities. ABC Learning Montessori acknowledges that children develop, grow, and learn in different ways and at different rates. We respect and support the individual needs and talents of our students and seek to empower each student to reach his/her fullest potential. ABC Learning Montessori strives to provide a stimulating and nurturing learning environment that contributes to the overall development of each child. Although the individual goals for each child will be based upon that child, the following is a general description of the goals of our program.
One of the most important aspects of a preschool classroom is language development. Language arts include listening, speaking, writing and reading. The language materials are incorporated through many daily experiences. Beginning with phonetic sound recognition, the child learns to read and write by connecting the letter symbol(s) to each sound, decoding and rebuilding words using movable letters of the alphabet, and by developing the hand eye coordination with specifically designed materials. The child is continually developing oral language and communication skills, preparing for phonics, writing, reading, grammar, and academic paper work.
The mathematical thinking and reasoning skills are developed through precision, order, and logical processing. The Early Childhood Montessori math is process-oriented and abstract concepts are developed through manipulating concrete materials and learning mathematical language. Children learn numerals and corresponding quantities. Using the place value boards, the children will be able to discover the relationship between quantity and value of ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, addition, and subtraction, using the decimal materials. Also, children will learn many other concepts of day-to-day math skills with other visual discrimination skills such as measurement, fractions, and telling time.
We feel that it is very important for children to know about the world around them. We accomplish this through a variety of short-term and ongoing experiences. Our preschool also has a butterfly nursery that allows children to observe and discuss the life-cycle of butterflies. Children plant various seeds, observe their growth and determine the requirements for successful plant growth. Children learn to experiment with floating and sinking, magnetism and colors. They learn about earth science by building and discussing a volcano.
Art is an integral part of our program, available to the children at all times during the day. Children create open-ended art projects using a variety of materials such as crayons, paints, play dough, etc. Children are taught to use art materials appropriately, to have respect for the work of others, and to clean up when they are done with their projects. Children art projects on Fridays are based upon the theme of the month.
Music and Movement
The fine and gross motor development of the children is enhanced through a variety of music and movement activities. Children learn finger plays and nursery songs and how to move their bodies in various ways (hopping, crawling, skipping, marching, etc.). They practice clapping along with a rhythm and mimicking a rhythm.
Sensory experiences refine the senses. The children learn about their senses by using them and talking about what they are experiencing. Friday is the day when children in our preschool work specifically with their senses by playing with various soft materials. They learn about different textures by cutting and gluing. Sensory activities help your child with concentration, organization, eye-hand coordination and independence.