"Bringing excellence to your child" In order to achieve excellence, children need a challenging, loving, and stimulating learning environment. We can help.

Curriculum for 2-year-olds

Since 2000, ABC Learning Montessori has maintained a reputation for academic excellence in a challenging, stimulating, and loving environment that is carefully planned by qualified and experienced teachers. Our academics, combined with development in social skills and enriched hands-on activities, lead to building a childs self-esteem and sense of independence. Graduates of our preschool are doing well in Kindergarten and elementary school. We are proud of our teaching methods that reach students of multicultural backgrounds in San Jose.
We believe that each child is a unique individual. We are sensitive to their social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs. We provide a developmentally-appropriate program balanced with academic activities. We accomplish this by having our teachers plan two separate class times each day to provide children a variety of activities. Each day begins with a Morning Welcome Time, including calendar information, the monthly theme, the weather, songs, and stories. After that, children move on to activities relating to language arts, math, science, and sensorial skills.
Children learn the concepts of colors, numbers, shapes, letters, songs, rhymes and finger play. Each accomplishment, large or small, is acknowledged by the teachers and helps build each child's self image in a comfortable, secure, pleasant, and cheerful atmosphere that encourages them to become leaders. Art supplies are available at all times for children to experiment and explore their creative side. Children create open-ended art projects using a variety of materials based upon the theme of the month.